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Something Personal

During my recovery from a disabling bicycle accident and near-death experience, I gained a deeper understanding of the living power of words. Words affect the way we feel, the way we function, and what we manifest in our lives. After many doctors shrugged their shoulders at my condition, I reclaimed control over my own healing process using positive (golden) words and tools from hypnosis, a unique approach to diet and nutrition, and complementary medicine. I assist my clients in doing the same, according to their individual needs.

The Magic of Nature

As I healed and was able to take walks again, I took up nature photography. In my near-death experience, I felt and saw the light of nature pouring over me and felt better in that healing, energetic flow. My walking pace was painfully slow, which gave me the chance to notice the subtle beauty I’d previously brushed past. I feel fortunate to have learned to see the beauty in small things. My intention is to capture the light of nature in my images, the interaction of wildlife in their environment, and learn from nature how best to live life. I enjoy the golden light of sunrise and sunset, the shimmering reflections of a rainy day, the blue light of twilight, and all the light-play in between.

Over several years of healing, my short painful walks turned into hours of pain-free walking outdoors with my Canon 7D and assortment of lenses. I’ve won several photo awards including AudubonChicago Botanic Garden, my local library, and Emily Oaks Nature Center. You can visit my photography website here: http://www.natureshealingimages.com

My Book, Golden Words

I published my first book, Golden Words: The A to Z Toolkit for Changing Your Life One Word at a Timein November 2015.This book is based on my original workshop, The Myths and Magic of Hypnosis, an empowering experience about the impact of words on your consciousness and life experience. Golden Words is not about wearing rose-colored glasses and pretending everything is alright. Golden Words is about using self-talk and the tools of meditation and hypnosis to soothe and uplift ourselves when times are tough, walk the path to our dreams and goals, stay balanced in challenging situations, and learn to relax even in rush hour traffic.

Golden Words has won three book awards including the Silver IPPY Award in Self-Help, the Silver Nautilus Award in Body, Mind, and Spirit Practices, and The Top Ten Launch Your Dream Book Award from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

The companion journal, Golden Words: The Journal for Changing Your Life One Word at a Timereleased in November of 2016. Golden Words, The Journal provides journaling pages with a step-by-step process for creating meaningful life changes in body, mind, and spirit.

Like the golden bricks used to build the hopeful Yellow Brick Road to Oz, golden words make sturdy building materials for writing mantras, affirmations, and prayers to manifest your goals. When we make our self-talk golden, we take charge of our healing and life experience. We can connect to spiritual guidance, step into the rhythm of intuition and flow, tap into creative energy, develop talents, deepen friendships, reduce stress and pain, overcome bad habits, build a healthier body, and cultivate unshakeable inner strength to create the life we want.

IPPY Award 2016   Nautilus Silver Medal 2015

My Background

My hypnosis certifications include the National Guild of Hypnotists and heart-centered hypnosis, which focuses on regressions, through The Wellness Institute. I’ve taken many additional trainings including medical hypnosis, pain control, caring for cancer patients and their caregivers, advanced self-hypnosis, and others. I studied with the largest nutrition school in world, Integrative Nutrition, to become a certified health coach. My family constellations training came through The Hellinger Institute with trainings from Judy Wilkins-Smith, Gail Cloud, and Mark Wolynn. Since the early 1990’s I’ve taught children’s yoga, first in a meditation center and later in K-5 classrooms and school clubs. I’ve practiced meditation and kundalini yoga since 1987, and have working with kundalini energy on many levels.

I earned my Doctorate in Education from National-Louis University in 2005. A lifelong interest in writing and healing led me to research children’s experiences of being seen when they tell their out-of-school stories in a classroom-based Writing Workshop. My memoir (slated to be published in 2018), From Cursed To Blessed: Dying To Learn from Angels, shows how I used this approach in my own healing process and guides the reader to do the same. My approach with clients is the same: to help you tell your story, be seen and heard, and make the revisions you want so you can lead your own golden life.

At The Heart of It

I work with both children and adults, supporting their highest intentions for living a life of health, well-being, fulfillment, significance, connection, and fun.

My programs incorporate customized hypnosis, individualized health coaching, family constellations, and yoga techniques. At the heart of each program, I cultivate your intuitive wisdom and spiritual connections so you’ll feel aligned with your life purpose, experience relatively effortless health improvements, enjoy intuitive flow and more synchronicity, learn how to relax deeply on your own, and gain the confidence you need to accomplish your life goals.

Sunflower Synchronicity, Winner, 2011 Audubon Top 100

Synchronicity: The Natural Flow of Life

When I took this photo, it reminded me of the perfect timing we experience when we’re in sync with our life path. It’s my experience that the inner wisdom we experience in meditation and hypnosis helps us get in sync with our own intuition and smooths our way.

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